Welcome to a major technological advance in pressure sensing for urodynamics and anorectal manometry - the T-DOC Catheter System! T-DOC offers the most straightforward technology on the market providing significant time and cost savings in setup, study and clean up. Imagine studies without air bubbles, position changes, transducer height adjustments, pre-soaking catheters and/or Cidex.


T-DOC AIR-CHARGED Catheters combine the advantage of microelectronics with standard transducer innovations making setup easy and simple. In addition, each line is color coded. Simply connect the catheter to the transducer cable and insert the catheter and you are ready!


"Plug-n-Play" – easy to learn, simple to use, complete set-up can take less than a minute

Precise, clean subtracted pressures for very consistent study tracings

Disposable and economical

Compatible with all standard urodynamic equipment.

Complete family of urodynamic catheters for all situations and preferences. Choose from:


• Abdominal catheters that offer appropriate stiffness for insertion, adding stability with either rectal or vaginal placement for reference pressures

• Standard bladder catheters for clinical use

• Radiopaque bladder catheters for video urodynamic studies

• Coude' tip catheters for difficult insertions

• 4-Channel anorectal manometry catheters for bowel studies

Teflon-coated stylets




Air-Charged Abdominal Catheter

Air-Charged Abdominal Catheter

Applications: urodynamics
Air-Charged Dual Sensor Catheter

Air-Charged Dual Sensor Catheter

Applications: bladder and urethral pressures


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