МEDICAL company is created back in 1995 as exclusive distributor and responsible for the specialized service and maintenance of ultrasound medical equipment of BK Medical- Denmark by the engineer Nicolay Achkov. The company delivers mostly high quality ultrasound equipment as well as specialized intraoperative disposables and focuses mostly on the urology, surgery, neurosurgery sectors.

In 2000 the company starts the distributorship of byopsy instruments and disposables of MDTech– USA, and since 2008 also the full range medical disposables from the portfolio of Angiotech- USA.

During 2006 Medical undertakes active approach towards the aesthetic medicine- the device ULTRACONTOUR for non-invasive liposuction through HIFU by the brand of MEDIXSYSTEМE – France, as well as introduces for the first time at the Bulgarian market the equipment THERMACOOL for non-invasive lifting through radiofrequency by THERMAGE – USA.

In 2012 the company expands its focus with equipment for:

  • full urodynamic examinations of the newest generation by MEDKONSULT- Czech Republic
  • tissue characterisation technology based on the analysis of backscattered ultrasound for differentiation, characterization and visualization of the prostate tissue by HISTOSCANNING- Belgium
  • specialized application of gamma cameras developed by DDD Diagnostic- Denmark

Since 2018 Medical Ltd has integrated and is working under system for quality management and control corresponding to the requirements of ISO 9001 – 2015.

Service & maintenance

Since its very creation the company is devoted to the specialization into the service and maintenance of the ultrasound equipment under the brand of BK Medical- Denmark. МEDICAL Ltd has long-term experience in the repairment of transducers and has undertaken and executed orders from Bulgaria as well as from other countries such as Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and other.

The authorized service department is certified by the producers for the installation of the delivered equipment. It performs the education and training of the medical personnel for exploitation of the devices, ensures the maintenance during warranty and post-warranty period, profilactics and diagnostics, upgrades and maintenance of the software. The service guarantees the maintenance of full range inventory spare parts for 10 years after the installation of the equipment.

Medical has the opportunity to offer different models as demonstrational equipment, as well as it takes the responsability to grant substitutional equipment in the case of malfunction in the client's office with short time-terms for reaction.

The service department guarrantees high level of technical support of the full range of the offered equipment and offers an option for prolonged warranty for new devices as well as specialized abonaments for post-warranty annual service and maintenance.



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Ultrasound equipment
Solutions for treatment of incontinence. Argentina
Gamma cameras. Denmark
Equipment for diagnostics of cancer at early stage. Belgium
Launching of innovative technology by BK Medical
Equipment for urodynamics. Czech Republic
New logo BK Medical
Wide portfolio of interventional disposables. Canada
Invests in BK Medical. USA
Thermacool- noninvasive lifting through radio-frequency. USA
Ultracontour- noninvasive elimination of fat through ultrasound. France
Biopsy instruments. USA
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